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Recommended For:  
  • Daily foot stimulation to increase foot sensitivity and awareness
  • Integration into any neuro-rehabilitation program for gait training and reducing falls
  • Enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking

Not Recommended For:

  • Running, jumping or ballistic movements that may create friction. If this is your intended use then we recommend checking out our Naboso™ 1.5 Insole
Have you been diagnosed with a neurological condition such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury or neuropathy? Are you looking to restore your connection to the ground in order to improve balance, posture, and confidence when walking?

The Naboso™ Neuro Insole is part of our advancing clinical line and is intended to play an important role in any neuro-rehabilitation program. The Naboso™ Neuro Insole is designed with an evidence-based, patent-pending texture designed to safely and effectively allow optimal connection between the plantar foot and the brain.

The features of the Naboso™ Neuro include:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending texture technology
  • 3.5mm total thickness
  • evidence-based hardness to maximize stimulation
  • freedom of rotation and triplanar movement
  • cut to your own size options

For sizing please see the charts below for your reference.


PLEASE NOTE: The Naboso™ Insoles measure 3.5mm in thickness constructed with a proprietary Naboso™ patent-pending material and texture design. This is an insole providing proprioceptive, mechanoceptive and neuromuscular stimulation. Life is sensory - move #fromthegroundup!