The first-ever barefoot training mat specifically designed to stimulate the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands. From fitness to rehab and performance the Naboso™ Training Mat is the ideal way to stay grounded and connected through the feet during all movements and exercises.


Bring the power of Naboso™ Technology to your facility in the form of our proprioceptive flooring. For the first time it is possible to create a truly evidence-based barefoot training zone or proprioceptive rehab area within your facility.


Best product ever!!!! NABOSO mat makes yoga practice so much better and brings a sense of mindfulness as it makes you aware of your feet during any activity.

Albert C.

I have been teaching my group and one on one barefoot training sessions on the Naboso mats for over a year now and I definitely see increased stability and quicker improvements among my clients and athletes! They love the way they feel and I love the durability and how easy they are to clean!

Heidi G.

I have been using the Naboso Mat with all my youth athletes and adult clients. The results have been amazing. Just the added awareness of their foot position has made huge strides in decreasing potential for injury.

Chris F.

I've been wearing my Naboso insoles for about 8 months now and just like the first day I put them on, I still find it amazing how they "wake" my feet up and create this awareness I never had before! Most of my day is spent barefoot as I'm fortunate enough to work from home...I've sometimes wished that they could be glued to the bottoms of my feet so that connection I get with them on I could have all the time.

Kennedy L.

There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t wear my Naboso Insoles. It’s amazing the difference they make. It’s very difficult to put it into words but with the Naboso Insoles in your shoes it’s like taking earmuffs off your ears. Your feet seem to “hear” better what is going on under them despite the fact they have shoes on. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Fantastic product!

Christine M.

I'm a Podiatrist & recently got a patient with severe burning feet to wear these insoles daily. This lady had not slept in years because of this burning & after wearing the insoles for just a few days the burning ceased at bedtime & she reported that she was finally able to sleep through the night for the 1st time in years!! I was literally blown away by this reaction to the Naboso insoles! Thank you Naboso Technology & Dr Emily Splichal.

Jazz H.

I have MS and neuropathy-it's the 1st time in 20 years I can feel my feet.

Robin B.

I purchased 2 sets of the shoe insoles for my husband. They help him so so much! They are truly life changing and keep his feet active all day which is extremely helpful for his MS. THANK YOU NABOSO!


Kaitlin B.

I have been running in the neuro insoles since September and I haven't run in over a year due to a vestibular issue. Naboso Barefoot Technology has definitely contributed to my healing. I used to fear walking outside, now I can run outside and feel safe again. Thank you for all you do, Dr Emily Splichal! Your work is changing my life and many others. Forever grateful!

Julie R.

Amazing products! I have several of them. The Naboso Pro Mat provides much greater stimulation and traction than ordinary floor surfaces. I feel significantly more balanced when I'm standing on it. Just stepping on it for a few seconds makes a noticeable difference.

Peter G.

I've been using my training mat as a standing mat in my kitchen for a year and a half now, and I'll tell you, it makes my day. I head straight to it in the morning and start my morning stimulation and stretching routines, for about 10 to 15 minutes, while my coffee is being made, and it's the only way I can feel ready to head down to train my morning clients. I actually take it with me when I travel, because without it I have a hard time standing on my feet the rest of the day.

Mike H.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I also enjoy yoga. After ONE yoga class using the mat, the results were apparent. Having neuropathy and a neurological disorder, the effects of the mat are 180 degrees obvious. The tactile sensation in my feet is greatly improved. Performing down-dog is affecting both my hands and feet simultaneously and my brain forwards this information to my nervous system. The neuropathy is greatly diminished, my balance is so much better, and my nervous system is more relaxed.

Myrna B.